No Sweat Sweater?

These chubby babies are adorable and the sweaters they wear are said to be a beginners pattern. And so I take on my next project!

Behind this cool exterior I am freaking out! It’s all one piece! I don’t think I have enough space on my needles for a whole sweater. But I am learning to trust my fore-mothers and just go with it. I’m on row 3. Looooong way to go and how the hell am I supposed keep track if where I am?! I have a counter round cylinder thing that looks like my combo lock in high school. How am I to use that to my advantage?!


Part of my annoyance is that I’m wearing a new dress that I got with a gift card from H&M that keeps creeping up in the back. It was fine the dressing room! I hate that. To make matters worse there was a meeting about appropriate dress code today and dresses being too short at work. I’m certain it was directed at me. I’m not trying to be a slut, I swear. I just wanted to wear a pretty dress…

Fell for one of the classic blunders…

Brought my hat to work thinking I’d get a good 45mins in during lunch. So happy.

Did I get to do it? Noooope.

Got suckered into working through lunch for what essentially came down to an extra $14 bucks and a slice of cheese pizza.┬áThat’s what I’m worth…cold congealed Little Ceasars…

Hookers have more self respect than I do. Probably make more an hour too. The only bigger mistake I could have made today was getting involved in a land war in Asia.

“Hobbies are helpful” or “I’ve no health insurance and can’t afford a therapist”


So after getting demoted at work and getting a significant chunk of my income snatched away I’ve had a hard time bouncing back from the Land o’ Depression.

Rumor has it that meditation helps but eff that noise. I don’t have time for that! I feel like a ferret on crystal meth and you want me to sit still for 30 mins? Please…

So I figure KNITTING! Keeps my hands busy, my mind too cause I have no idea what the crap I’m doing, and it’s productive. (Apparently you can make hats and stuff. Whaaat? They don’t all just come from GAP???)

So I bought this kit from Hobby Lobby and it came with a DVD and all the fixings for starting my journey into knitted awesomeness.

This better work. I swear I’ll drown myself in the ladies toilet at work if I don’t find some relief soon…