Whatever Happened to Knitting Machines?

I remember coming up and my mom had two of these things. When I was home alone, I would play Prince albums and pretend like her machine was a synthesizer for Purple Rain remixes.

Whatever happened to these? Do people not use them anymore? I never see them in stores and it doesn’t look like anyone has improved on the design (certainly not the grinding/shushing noise it makes when in motion). Are they not as useful as they are advertised to be? Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t even remember my mom really using hers but once or twice.

Anyone have one and still use it? When did these stop being a “thing”?

Sith Lords Be Knitting Up a Storm

When Darth Maul isn’t antagonizing the Jedi apparently he’s knitting sweaters! The geek in me loves these lightsabers, I mean, knitting needles. I don’t know how practical they are for the long haul but they can versatile. When you’re done with your next project you can be hit of your local rave club!

NeedleLite Lighted Knitting Needles