A Droid a Day…

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These make having a healthy snack much more awesome! Love the detail on these!



AT AT Walker in Knit!

Teashopcrafts on Tumblr posted this piece they were working on and I squealed with geekish joy! Please turn it into a hat or something when you’re done! Love it and had to share.

Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders Rejoice!


I finished it, buns and all! I think it turned pretty well and the buns don’t weight an epic ton like the first go round I did while experimenting with knots and glue trying to keep those babies together. Pretty damn proud of myself. It’s the little victories that feel the best.


From a craft room far, far away

ARGH! This is the 3rd attempt with a Princess Leia hat which appears easy enough but there are a few things that came up I have to grouse about.

The buns. The damn dirty buns.

First, it takes forever to get the thickness of yarn you need to make the braids stand out¬†enough. I finally worked out a system that doesn’t take too long to get the length and amount I need (PS: It takes a LOT of yarn) but how do you keep them together without tying huge, ugly, giant knots in the end???

The solution was sooooo f-ing obvious. No knots required. Just tie the same colored string around the end and add a dot of Elmers Super Hold Glue so it hold steady. NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS ONLINE THOUGH! NO ONE!

Seriously could have saved myself massive tears on that fiasco. Nut hey, I did it with no pattern. Just winging it off pics I’ve seen. Truthfully you don’t really need a pattern. It’s a beanie with buns…but the buns…that’s where they get ya.

Mmm…Candy I have!


Halloween was a good time at our house! My son mysteriously turned into a ninja turtle as the sun went down (genetics or gypsy curse. We don’t yet know) and mustered up the courage to say Trick or Treat this year! Yay!

And I hung my plaque in the craft pumpkin hall of awesomeness with my contribution to the season! YODA! Look into his eyes and tell him he isn’t amazingly cool. I dare you!