Get a Grip, People!


The main reason I haven’t made slippers for myself is because I didn’t want to die chasing my son across our tile floor. Who wants that crap on tombstone? So this made me very happy and I’m sure it can be applied to knitted ones too!

Thank you KT and the Squid! Now when I die it can be for a far cooler reason like saving a bunch of puppies from a fire or succumbing to the running bulls in Spain.

Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder


Cruising through Tumblr this week I came across this and did a triple spit take. Ummm….did a guy seriously just knit himself a pair assless jeans and selfie that noise for all to see???

No. No. Thank God. This was the full picture.


Ah! Much better! And cute slippers! I can’t get the butt out of my head now though. Can you?