My Etsy shop is Open!

I know I put the widget in my sidebar some time ago but shit got unexpectedly real with my health and I wasn’t able to give it the attention I wanted.

So! I’m still not squared away health wise, but my medical professionals say that I should try focusing some energy into a positive outlet like volunteering while we straighten me out. Well, I’m in no place to get crazy with Habitat for Humanity BUT there is something I can do though I don’t know how well it will go over.

I am a total knitting neurotic (well, more crochet now than knitting). And there’s an ugly stigma  associated with mental illness and I’ll be damned if I give into it and I’ll be double damned if I let my own doubt and insecurities stop me from turning this hot mess into something positive. So going forward, I think I can do better than just hooking for stress relief, I can hook and have it mean something. So I opened an Etsy shop, Hookland.


I’m not expecting a whole lot here but 30% of anything I sell will be donated to organizations like the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) that are designed to help people like me when they are at their worse. They provide referral sources to helpful services, train people to help in crisis/suicide situations, and secure meeting places for support groups.

This is personal for me. I’d like to think I can contribute in some small way and if you are at all interested and enchanted by any of the hats I have listed please know that it is helping make a difference.

*** I make hats BTW. Almost purely hats for children and babies. It’s what I like best but that doesn’t mean there won’t be other fancies up on the occasion.

Thanks guys and much love! 

Lions Brand and Michael’s: Bunch of Schiesters!

Picture 1

Remember this? Being a new knitter I was excited about this event at Michael’s. A chance to try a new product from a reputable line and learn a new way to use it. It says on the page: first 25 customers get a bonbon package. See it?! Right there!
I get there and this is what I get:


1 ball about the size of my thumb. I figured the point of giving out the package was to try them in the classes offered later. Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers but I wondered why it wasn’t what they advertised.

“Oh. You didn’t get the disclaimer email we sent?” The woman said. “The picture was misleading.”

To say the least but oh wells. I went on and did some shopping. When I was done I came back to see what’s up with the “no knit no crochet necklace”.

“Oh. ” says the woman again. “I’m only teaching the crochet scarf. Did you bring your crochet hook?”

I told her I don’t crochet and am just learning to knit. She handed me a listing of their classes. Seriously? Again the necklace was on the ad. Sigh.

I think the big disappointment was that I was hoping this would be a chance to try/learn something new in store where I spend more time and money than I should and there was nothing special about the occasion at all.

If anyone else went, I hope you had a better experience at your store than I did.

I Break for Free Schtuff

Picture 1
I got this flyer via email today and I’m all about picking some free goodies! I also got a coupon for 20% off yarn. Check your local Michael’s and see if they have this event going on in your neck of the woods. Could be fun and who doesn’t like to kill an hour or so in Michael’s anyway?
Now watch the yarn be tiny little cross stitch spool sized giveaways…stingy mo-fos…If I’m gonna wait all day to knock old ladies over too be first in line it better be worth it.