Kitty scarves!!!!

The hottest craze for the cat in your life from Japan? Cat scarves! The come packaged from Amazon Japan in a lovely box and sized for small to medium kitty companions! You have to admit it does give an air of sophistication to an already posh breed. 

Boyfriend Sweater for the Puppies


Show your favorite fuzzy face some love with this knitted boyfriend sweater! Awwww! Puppy!


See Spot Run!


The Crochet Crowd on Facebook has a newsletter out with a tribute to pets and the best part is their idea for Red Heart’s new reflective yarn!

I had wondered when and why I would use this stuff but clearly the answer is puppies! Duh!

What better way to protect your K9 compadre than a reflective sweater for those cooler night time walkies?


If one were so inclined, one could even make some gear for themselves as seen here in the ad from Red But I dunno. Other than walking your dog why would you ever need this?