Come Inside and Meet the Misses!


I found this while rocking my son to sleep and almost threw the poor kid down from excitement! The worm from Labyrinth!

First, best movie EVER!

Second, David Bowie’s codpiece seemed a bit prominent for a kids flick in retrospect but I digress.

Third, love this worm! Three minutes tops in the whole film and he leaves a lasting impression for nerds with yarn power to bring back the joy for us many years later.

This one I found on and is by far the best replica I’ve seen! Downfall? Not intended for play. It has painted details and small non-Stitched parts more suitable for adult fandom.

Want something more for the kiddies? How about this?


There are tons of patterns out there for this little guy and not all of them are cute. This one is the most awesomest! Lookit that lil face!

Either pattern is not for the faint of heart so if you’re the babe with the power (what power?) get to work on this! Like, now! Squee!!!!!

Seams Baaaaaaad!

One of the things I love most about crochet is working in the round with only one hook. That noise is awesome! It’s like sculpting with yarn. It all comes to together and its easier for me see where the project is headed. The down fall? The, what I like to call, Frankenstein seam as shown below in the chicken hat I did.


See? It’s this diagonal line that gives away where you join your rounds. I thought this was due to some fault of mine in reading patterns but no…its supposed to be there. WHY?! It completely takes away from the beauty of your work!


I tried masking it better on my first attempt with the shark hat I’m working on and it’s still pretty obvious. Not to mention kind of bunchy. Not going well.

But then I watched this video from Crochet Ever After and I was like “Whaaaat?”

Why is this just not a standard way of joining rounds? The nearly invisible straight seam is amazing! It’s easy and I used it on my second hat attempt with far better results! Look!


No bunching, more uniform, less sloppy looking. I’m sold! I cant wait to try it on other things and get it perfected.

Ruffle Scarves on a Hook!

Whilst my momma visited during the holidays she made me two ruffle scarves. They are frikkin awesome! I don’t know if they keep me warm so much as they make a great prop for impromptu cabaret dancing. *Insert the entire Chicago soundtrack here*

Mom tried to get me to knit my own but I’m having a torrid love affair with crochet right now so we came to an impasse.

” You can’t crochet ruffle scarves.” she sniffed haughtily.

Au contraire mon frère! Got this video in my Micheal’s mailer by email last week! I have not tried it myself but it looks like the same results as knitting and not too difficult. I’ma buy me some sashay yarn and give this a go to prove the ole gal wrong.

No Way! Thanks Guys!

Picture 4

I really don’t know what to say. Thanks to everyone for the support, sharing of ideas, and patterns! I’ve been able to do something constructive and you’ve all been so inspirational with your own magnificent talents! Here’s to a new year! Come on! Group hug! Group hug!

Curse My No Sewing Abilities!


Found this awesome tutorial on how to make a double skein yarn bag on I wish now more than ever I paid attention when my mother tried to teach me to sew! It’s tough to see in the picture but what makes this nifty is the 2 grommets it has to feed your yarn through. Kapow!

Cool Beans, Roonie. Cool beans.

Tutorial: Double Skein Yarn Bag