MSN, Thou Art Rude!


MSN can bite me and bite me hard! I was super interested in this article I found about a 5 hr knitathon being broadcast on TV in Norway. People working to see who is the fastest to knit a sweater from sheep to chic! Cool right? Everyone needs their 15 mins of fame.

But MSN has to go the route of a middle school lunch room bully with their snarky comments and sarcasm and sully the moment. Ugh! You know…we televise the living sh*t out of golf (most boring game to watch EVER) and curling is an Olympic sport for crying out loud! Let the knitters have their fun! At least when they are done they’ll have something useful/beautiful to show for their efforts unlike the majority of football pros who I hear only have brain damage to keep them warm at night.

To each their own, MSN. I wish I had a white knitted glove to slap your face with and send you to the principles office you jerks. Good day to you sirs! Good day!

MSN full article here, yo.