My inner geek just exploded in on itself! How do people block this stuff out?! There must be a program or some sort of devil magic that makes this possible and I’m going to learn it’s secrets. In the mean time, I’m buying the pattern from Craftsy for $6. Totally worth it!


  My son is burdened with glorious purpose and pint sized badassery! Admittedly I made this as much for myself as I did for him as I’m a huge Loki fan.   Super pleased with outcome especially since I had to wing the pattern pretty much from start to finish. I had a free pattern to start with and but it looked like more of a Viking hat than Loki’s helmet. So I did the hat, added the wrapped ear flaps, and a tasteful edging. But the horns! My god the horns! No one makes horns long enough to be Loki’s! Nubs do not a Loki hat make! They need be longer! And I’ve never done them before so I added a few inches to another pattern I integrated. Wish they curled more but after 3 tries I called it good enough.   I will have to go through and piece together my Frankenstein pattern and make it whole so I can pull this off again. Maybe even better next time. With longer, curvier horns!