All You Need Is Love


If this doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies, you’re dead to me.

I suppose this is technically cross stitch but it could also be embroidery which can be found upon knitting or crochet so…so there.

Besides it was too fun not to share and sharing is caring. I do it all for you.

Love…Exciting and New!


Perhaps one of the greatest if not morbid love stories of all time! Romeo & Juliet! Those crazy Italian love birds and their drama never gets old and pays awesome tribute to their glory.

Say it with me now…AWWWW!

Look at them. Skillfully made, the faces of these star crossed lovers are somewhat sullen. They know what’s going to happen and yet they trudge on toward their impending doom. Hand in hand, they face eternity together! Oh death! Where is thy sting!

Happy Heart Day, Everyone!

My Momma is the Shiznit!


My mom is an avid knitting/crocheting/sewing maven. Joann’s and Michael’s, those stores were built for her. When I was knee high to a grasshopper I used to flip through her pattern books and wonder how she did what she did. She’s a wizard in the crafting arts and now she’s passing her wands down to me!

I’m so proud and excited to have my mom’s knitting needles! She bought these when she was younger than I am now from Woolworth’s of all places (there’s a throw back for the non-youngins in the room). Aren’t they pretty?

Sure they may look any other needle to you but my mom has made countless treasures with these and her hands warmed them for hours on end. I hope half the love and talent she brought to them comes through in my own projects.

Thanks mom!!!! Love you!

How did someone share their love of a craft or hobby with you?