Resolution #1! Get Organized!

I don’t know about you but I’ve got one resolution down already! Organize my hooks and needles. Score!

I was considering buying one of those pleather zip cases at Michael’s but I saw this done in a yarn store and thought “why the hell am I not doing that?!”

Simple. Cheap. And fun to look at! I found the containers at a thrift shop for about $2 each and filled them dried pinto beans! Nifty, right? Totally my new favorite part of my crafty area.


Resolution #2? Nope. That was pretty much it. I aim low to keep from disappointment to a minimum. Happy New Year!

I Hear You’re Really Good With Your Hands…


You got an A+ in shop class right? Good!

It’s one thing to buy a set of knitting needles for yourself or a loved one. It’s a whole other to fell a tree and hack a few out of the bark with your bare hands!


And when you’re done playing Jeremiah Johnson you’ll hit Home Depot and start with a dowel like this clever folks did! They made knitting needles for about $1. Take that Michael’s! And these would make an awesome christmas gift! I’d be tickled if someone took the time to make something for my obsession like this, wouldn’t you?

What also blew my mind was thinking of those giant over sized bath rugs and jackets I keep seeing. I could make needles for those projects this way! Or would they be too heavy? I’m going to Home Depot and peruse their dowel assortment. This could be epic!

Sith Lords Be Knitting Up a Storm

When Darth Maul isn’t antagonizing the Jedi apparently he’s knitting sweaters! The geek in me loves these lightsabers, I mean, knitting needles. I don’t know how practical they are for the long haul but they can versatile. When you’re done with your next project you can be hit of your local rave club!

NeedleLite Lighted Knitting Needles