The saddest cat to ever love knitting


Well looks like I won’t be using my yamaka to hold my keys after all. Our cat, The Professor, has taken it as his own kitty pillow upon which he ponders the mysteries of the universe. Or just as a prop to look pathetic and beg for chicken, tuna, or whatever the hell is in the can I’m opening. It’s just oranges you freak! Go away!

Extreme Knitting???



This article on ArchDaily is a year old but its the first I’VE ever heard of this! Apparently a woman with hella time on her hands created an entire playground from hand knitted materials. By HAND! I can’t get a baby hat done in a weekend but this chick is either crazy or a frikkin genius…

Meet the Artist Behind Those Amazing, Hand-Knitted




Can I get a “what what!”?




HA! Suck on that k2p2! You’re nothing, you hear me? NOTHING! Finally! That is the way this should be looking. Check out that ribbing…Bask in the glory of my stockinette…have you seen better knitting than this in your life? You bet your sweet fanny you have but this here is mine and by gum it is lovely.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone!


Yamak-ing Me Crazy!


Finished my first project and it looks NOTHING like the picture but damn if I ain’t prouder than a peacock!

It’s supposed to be a beanie for a preemie but I don’t know of a human child that could sport this successfully. It’s very small and not a hat so much as a yamaka. But it looks good! And I did it myself! Yay!









Maybe it can double as a key cushion so I don’t scratch my table when I drop my keys?

I figured out what I did wrong. Totally missed the middle part if the pattern where I was supposed to stockinette for 4-5 inches. Riiiight. And the damnable ribbing! Still trying to get that right…

Oh well! Try try again!

The hell is this exactly???


Dude…what is up with the smug chicks on YouTube making tutorial videos that move at the speed of light?

Slow it down you daft cows! I’m a bit dim, I’ve been drinking, and your weaving like Charlotte in the effing web is not increasing the likelihood of this cotton turning into anything a baby could utilize!

Screw it. I’m going to bed. It’s 1am and I have no idea what I’ve just done for the past 2 1/2 hours. I don’t even think this actual stitch…it’s like pig latin. All backwards and scarcely functional in society.


Behold! My Everest!

sweet baby hat  FRIENDS! I have looked out upon the internet and I have seen my future! And it is good! Yes!




You know, I’ve seen Red Heart Yarn since I was a kid but it never held any significance before today. Now it is the source of my salvation and education cause they have a mad selection of free patterns for noobs like me on their website.

I chose this one. A simple, cute, baby beanie. At least it LOOKS simple. I glanced over the pattern and it might as well be Russian cause I haven’t a clue as to what k2p2 means. There should be a dictionary out there some place on the web…