Curse My No Sewing Abilities!


Found this awesome tutorial on how to make a double skein yarn bag on I wish now more than ever I paid attention when my mother tried to teach me to sew! It’s tough to see in the picture but what makes this nifty is the 2 grommets it has to feed your yarn through. Kapow!

Cool Beans, Roonie. Cool beans.

Tutorial: Double Skein Yarn Bag

So It Was Written! So It Is Done!

Nothing like a few hours sleep to brush away a case of the Blue Meanies!

I got this fortune from my cookie a few weeks back and something inside said to keep it. I was skeptical at first but now I’m learning to knit and I haven’t been this excited about anything in a long time!

Egads! Could it be that cookies really do predict our futures??? My skin is tingling right now. Spooky…

Back Me Up On This…


Someone please tell my husband to stop interrupting my counting to come look at whatever random Republican article he found on the net!!! I’m all for politics but I’m knitting curse you! I will finish the row and then see what’s so important. He’s worse than my 2 year old! Unless our kid is on fire or the cats have eaten each other, leave me the heck alone!….at least till the end of my row.

“Yo” or “Lost in Friggin Translation”

My mother sent me a pattern for a dish cloth to try. Major yawn. I want make hats or something fun!

“Do it! It will teach you stitches you need to know!” Ma says.


I start reading the pattern and it says “knit2, yo” and follows with more knitting.

I’m all excited like “Yo right back at ya!” And kept on trucking. A little while later nothing is looking like it should and I come to realize that “yo” is not an informal greeting from my pattern. It’s a direction.

Yarn Over.

Ahhhhh. Well damn. Why didn’t you say so? 3 YouTube videos later I think I’m finally getting it. I would ask my mom for help but she’s too busy laughing her butt off at me to be useful.

It Is Done!

Wahoo!!! I did it! My first successful project is completed! I’d like to thank the Academy and God be because with Him all things are possible! And my Momma!

There’s just one problem…


I did the backstitch like the pattern called for and I hate it! It leaves this gnarly ridge. You can’t do that in a baby hat! Their soft heads will form right around that. Then you’ll have a a trench head baby. No one wants that.

I’m making another one now just try a mattress stitch and see if that makes it better.

I Break for Free Schtuff

Picture 1
I got this flyer via email today and I’m all about picking some free goodies! I also got a coupon for 20% off yarn. Check your local Michael’s and see if they have this event going on in your neck of the woods. Could be fun and who doesn’t like to kill an hour or so in Michael’s anyway?
Now watch the yarn be tiny little cross stitch spool sized giveaways…stingy mo-fos…If I’m gonna wait all day to knock old ladies over too be first in line it better be worth it.