Kindle and iPad Cover

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.49.17 PM.png

The thing with iPad covers and the like is that they are usually kinda boring. There’s no pizazz, people! But I saw this and it definitely has a charm to it that I have not seen elsewhere. It’s crocheted and the pattern includes a smaller cover with a tulip motif for added fun and beauty! Joy!

Clover Knitting Stitch Counter!

Clover Knitting Stitch Counter Mini Kacha-Kacha

I need one of these in the worst way. I have tried using digital versions on my phone and I still get lost. Sometimes, the old ways are the best, eh? Its says it’s for knitting but I would use it to also keep track of my rows in crochet. It could be universal. They can’t tell us what to do.

No Way! Thanks Guys!

Picture 4

I really don’t know what to say. Thanks to everyone for the support, sharing of ideas, and patterns! I’ve been able to do something constructive and you’ve all been so inspirational with your own magnificent talents! Here’s to a new year! Come on! Group hug! Group hug!

Edges of Madness!


Oook…seriously, I’m going to make a hat next. I just wanted to try one more swatch to see if I could keep the edges from decreasing. I did a single crochet stitch to the very end this time and I think this is how it should look…right?

I’m gonna eat a pumpkin donut and try not to freak out on my hooks now.

PS: Why is it only Tuesday?! I thought it was Wednesday when I woke up and was all excited cause tomorrow would be Halloween. Arrrrrrgh! (You can’t see it but I’m totally making angry zombie jazz hands of doom and anger right now. Might be why my stitches aren’t coming out correctly…)


What Gives?

silence At the risk of sounding a bit daft, I have to know: Other than the fact one way uses two sticks instead of one, what is the REAL difference between crochet and knitting? Every Joann’s or Michael’s I go into it seems like crochet has the corner market on books and patterns but people still treat it like the red headed stepchild to knitting. Example:

Random person: “I knit!”

Everyone: * sounds of reverence and joy*


Random person: “I crochet!”

Everyone: “Oh…” *refuses to make eye contact*


Is it easier or harder than knitting? Is it more versatile?  Or is it simply a preference like Winter or Spearmint gum? Your thoughts after this…

And My Brain Just Exploded!

arm knitting


What the…??? How in the hell…? Am I having a seizure or did she just…?!

ARM KNITTING! Who thinks of this stuff? It’s like a BDSM meets Martha Stewart! 50 Shades of K1P2! I was just getting used to the idea of knitting with 2 needles and starting to warm up to the idea of multiple double pointed ones. Now you tell me you don’t even NEED them?!

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there doing this crazy business but I found this lady first. She’s French (I’m pretty sure her website is written in French anyway…) but you don’t need to read it. Just watch what she does and tell me you aren’t impressed.

I…I think I need to go sit down…