Spooky Knits!


Ahhhh….Fall. The weather cools, leaves change, and we get ready for a fun filled holiday season. Starting with Halloween!

I found this pic surfing around and laughed out loud! Ewww! I never did frog dissection in high school! Instead we excavated owl pellets and I found a whole mouse skeleton in mine but I feel like I still missed out a bit…anyway! Halloween!

Stuff has been the stores for weeks! It’s all fake blood and fog machines as always so when I see something new or at least home made I get inspired. I’ll be posting a few ideas and projects throughout the month periodically get the ol’ juices flowing. If you have some, share away too!

Holy Rust-colored Wool Skeins, Batman!


I would have thought festivities like this would have existed long before now but hey! A party is a party, no?

I Love Yarn Day is Friday and every Oct 11th hereafter! I will be observing on Thursday, however, because it’s my day off and will be visiting a new yarn shop around the corner from my office!

What will you do? This website has a few suggestions but I vote for yarn bombing! If you need an excuse I dare you…nay…double DOG dare you to find a better one!