Love…Exciting and New!


Perhaps one of the greatest if not morbid love stories of all time! Romeo & Juliet! Those crazy Italian love birds and their drama never gets old and pays awesome tribute to their glory.

Say it with me now…AWWWW!

Look at them. Skillfully made, the faces of these star crossed lovers are somewhat sullen. They know what’s going to happen and yet they trudge on toward their impending doom. Hand in hand, they face eternity together! Oh death! Where is thy sting!

Happy Heart Day, Everyone!

Made With Love, Anger, and Baby Blue Yarn


At the risk of being anticlimactic I give you…the hat! My first hat for an adult that went to my BFF for Christmas! T’was chosen for her specifically cause she is a Downton Abbey nutcase and I thought the style hailed from that time period a bit.

While I’m pleased as punch with the overall outcome, note the band! THAT is where the reverse single crochet came in and handed me my arse! It doesn’t look right! It’s supposed to be angled like in the photo and the million videos I watched like in the picture here:


Damn. It.

I’ll figure that noise out one day. Pisses me off to no end. But at least it doesn’t look bad and bow came out ok.


Deck the Halls with Balls of Yarn…Balls!



I’m sure everyone has seen these at this point but I think they are the best idea ever! My favorite is the 2nd one. What a great way to use left over yarn for the festivities of the holidays!

But if you’re not a fan of fluffy balls (my inner 7 yr old is giggling like a maniac) then take a look at these!



Sophisticated and the possibilities are endless. Fabulous! Either way your home looks great and everyone on your block will envy the crafty genius you are.