Color block Top!


I have been super afraid of trying an adult sized project of any kind in crochet. It seems far too daunting. But this!!! This I think I could totally handle!

New free pattern from Yarnspirations, may I introduce the Colorblock Top! I love the simplicity, how it hangs, and it’s a beginner pattern which perfect for scaredy cats like me. 

Not saying you are a scaredy cat. You are lovely. 

Check out the pattern here. Happy Friday!

It’s Gone All Shark Week Up In Here!


Moogly has this awesomeness to share with the world and I’m totally gonna try it. The biggest reason I’m taking on this one (Eventually. I’m still fighting with my current project) is the zipper. How do you put a zipper in a knitted/crocheted purse or pouch or whatever?! Especially when you don’t have a sewing machine! I need to know!



No. Wait. There’s YouTube.

Learn to Increase (kf&b): Beginner Tips

When you’re teaching yourself to knit, it can get a little hairy. They do crazy stuff like tossing in weird hieroglyphics that require hand motions akin to casting spells at Hogwarts just to make a sweater. If you’re like me you gotta have that noise in slo-mo to make any sense of it.

Tutorial videos on youtube for knitting are like elbows: everyone has one. Some actually teach and some just show off. But this woman! This woman here GETS IT! She keeps good pace and showcases a small swatch so you get the idea of what your edges should like. I only had to watch her video a few times get it right in my own project and I didn’t even need the sound to do it! If you do listen, the quality is a little low but she has the voice of an educational angel so it’s worth it.

If you know of any other good videos for learning basics in knitting, let me know!