Peanut Butter Pop Art?

Choosy crafters choose Jif! People make the darnedest things! Let this be an inspiration to you and your goofy side. What crazy pop art can you create?

Non-Felted Tweed Slippers

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.37.54 PM

Good slippers are hard to find and fun to make. I think these would be awesome to scuttle around the house in especially on these colder days. Seriously. It’s freaking cold outside.

Dave the Worm for Parkinson’s

Now this may just be the cutest way to combine crafts and charity I’ve seen. The gist is that you buy a kit that contains enough materials to make 2 Dave the Worms and the proceeds go to helping Parkinson’s research in the UK. Make yours, post a pic on your page, show your support for the research. Awesome Blossom! We should be doing stuff like this the U.S. too!