Pattern Reading Is NOT an exact Science!


So here is my first sweater pattern from Lions Brand Yarn. They assure me in their description that it’s a good pattern for beginners and up until now it has been. And then came the cuffs…

I’m a visual person but for the life of me I can’t see how this one piece, shaped the way it is, will become a sweater! I’m trying to just go with it but I’m having doubts.

I’m at the place where I’m doing the cuffs and I’m starting to break into cold sweats. I THINK I cast on the 10 stitches like they want but I’m unsure. I put 10 stitches on the end and stitching garter across until it reached 3-4 inches. This is what it looks like.


Is that right?! It has to be! How else would you do it? The instructions for the cuffs are below. If anyone has input please share your wisdom!