I’m So Dejected…


So here it is. The fox hat I’ve been working on. It still needs the ears but I’m so put out I don’t know if I’ll finish. This was SUPPOSED to be sized for a kid but NO! It’s man sized! It fits my husband!

So unless this fox has some kind of radioactive spider type origin story, it’s not gonna work.

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat


It’s FIN-ished! The shark hat! Because I half double crocheted it instead of double, it’s more for 0-3 months than the 12-16 months I was aiming for. But as Stiches ‘n’ Scraps says, it’s modification not error! Love that! And she’s right.


I immediately started another one to go by the pattern but honestly I like it better in the half double crochet. I think it’s a tighter weave and presents better. I might try a different stitch all together to see what happens! Like the one that looks like knitting but isn’t. You know the one I mean?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

*Forehead Slap So Hard*


Just finished all the pieces for the latest hat I’m working on and it wasn’t until just now that I realized I half double crocheted the whole damn thing instead of the double crochet the pattern called for.

Yes, it’s still a hat. Yes, it still looks cute. But damn it all! I know its wrong! I know!

I’ll have all the pieces assembled and pics up shortly…grrr….

With a “Cluck Cluck” Here and an “Oh Snap!” There


Stand back and give me a high five! This is the chicken hat my son has been after me for! I finished it! But credit can not go to me entirely! My dear mother is visiting for the holidays and helped me with the cursed comb!


I won’t even trouble you with the comb I made. It was too small and lumpy. Think of it as a the ugly step sister to the one my mom did here. We will pretend mine never happened.

The next best part to my son loving his hat is having my momma help me! She’s the best and gots mad skills! As you can see.

Thanks Mom!

Made With Love, Anger, and Baby Blue Yarn


At the risk of being anticlimactic I give you…the hat! My first hat for an adult that went to my BFF for Christmas! T’was chosen for her specifically cause she is a Downton Abbey nutcase and I thought the style hailed from that time period a bit.

While I’m pleased as punch with the overall outcome, note the band! THAT is where the reverse single crochet came in and handed me my arse! It doesn’t look right! It’s supposed to be angled like in the photo and the million videos I watched like in the picture here:


Damn. It.

I’ll figure that noise out one day. Pisses me off to no end. But at least it doesn’t look bad and bow came out ok.


Spare No Expense!


I very seldom have a sense of accomplishment this strong so I have share this with everyone! I finished the dinosaur hat! Were you here, you would be gazing at my incredibly smug face right now.


Isn’t he cute? The pattern calls for the eyes to be crocheted but when I was stitching them I thought it was making Dino look more like Kermit so I went for buttons. I’ve always loved button eyes on plushies anyway. Best part? My son loves it! He’s trotting around the house wearing it and I love I made something he enjoys so much.

When I stopped marveling at my own magnificence for a few seconds, I called up John Hammond from Jurassic Park and told him to move over and I’ll take the dinosaur creating from here. He was all indignant.


Thank you Jeff and suck on that John! Booyah!

Dinosaurs DO Exist!


Ok guys. I’m gonna level with ya. Aside from feeling like patient zero of the zombie apocalypse (ie: cold from hell), I’m in a bit of a downward swing. Depression is cruel mistress and she has me in her bony clutches. It has been rough wanting to do much of anything but I am forcing myself to do this.

I’m crocheting my son a dinosaur hat.

My first larger crochet project. Not so big I won’t finish it and the excited look in my son’s eye when he sees the progress keeps me going.

“Mom. You making that?” He says with chubby finger pointing at the pattern.


“For me?”


“Thank you, mom!” He squeals followed by a giant spaghetti sauce soaked kiss to my cheek.

Love that kid. And look! I did an ear flap!


The darker green piece in the last pic was for the muzzle. See? This is what it will look like (hopefully) when all is said and done. The colors are not exact but…


If you wanna take a crack at it or squirrel the pattern away for another day, check it on yarnspirations.com.

Bad Hair Day? Thang of the Past!


I’d be tempted to sport this in the dead of Summer. In Arizona. At the beach…wait…

Hallowig courtesy of Knitty.com. Your niftiness is to be commended, Madam.

Make this in red and you could go as LeeLoo from Fifth Element to your next Halloween party. Multipass!



I Still Don’t Get It But…


There I was sitting in my living room with a book of crochet patterns trying to figure out how the deuce to make heads or tails of the instructions. I was staring some of the “beginner” projects for over an hour and let me tell you, I’ve read calculus problems that made more sense than that noise.

EX: The first line of the baby hat pattern I tried from RedHeart.com goes like this. Rnd 1: Ch 2; 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook; join with a sl st in first sc.


I don’t see how that translates to a circle type pattern I was expecting from the picture. I just kept getting jumbled messes and had to cut horrible knots off my yarn before trying again. I don’t take defeat easily. Today is my day off and I’d damned if I didn’t have something to show for my efforts! So I found whole project videos on YouTube.com!!!! I thought they would just show how to do a single type of stitch, but no! They have whole projects! There were tons but I really like hats so I went with this lady.

Love this woman! Love her! I’d kiss her face if she were here! It took me a few hours but I made my first crocheted newborn beanie! Can I get a “what, what”? I’m so proud. My success was not without some set backs though. Look at this.



I clearly screwed up my rounds. Looking back I think I didn’t do the slip stitches right as I moved to the next round. But I just wanted to finish something to build my confidence, you know? I can’t help but think those gaps shouldn’t be there at all either…I’ll try again and see what happens.

I still have no idea no idea how to read a pattern though. I think knitting patterns make more sense on paper but don’t translate well when I execute it. Crochet is the exact opposite.

Oh well! Vive la Crochet!

It Is Done!

Wahoo!!! I did it! My first successful project is completed! I’d like to thank the Academy and God be because with Him all things are possible! And my Momma!

There’s just one problem…


I did the backstitch like the pattern called for and I hate it! It leaves this gnarly ridge. You can’t do that in a baby hat! Their soft heads will form right around that. Then you’ll have a a trench head baby. No one wants that.

I’m making another one now just try a mattress stitch and see if that makes it better.