Little Hats, Big Hearts?

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.13.46 PM.png

This is a sweet hat was created for the Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign from the American Red Hearts Association but when I went to the page to find out more about how to donate, the page didn’t exist. Bummer. Maybe the site was just down temporarily. Still,  this is pretty cute to knit for any reason.

Beanie for Him

My latest project! I have seen this pattern before and I have been reluctant to try it and for good reason! 

First, you don’t work in the round. What the heck is that about?! So you start by making a scarf like piece that you decrease toward the end and sew together to make this hat. I’m just not sure about this. 

Second, I’ve already lost count of my rows. Damn it all to Hades! I thought it would be fine and simply count the rows but no! Every time I do I have the same number! How is that possible?! I know I add two rows then how do I still have eight?! It’s like some torturous magic trick. 

I also think that this is coming in too short to be for a man sized head. I think I should have upped my hook size since I tend to crochet tight. I think I’m gonna start over. This is gonna bug me. 

Kevin Photo Bomb


There he is, my dear sweet rescue kitty photobombing the shit out of what was supposed to be a nice pic of the hat I finished a week ago. Ahhh…lookit that face! I can’t be mad at him! The fuzzy wuzzy baby head! But seriously, here’s the hat I finished.

I love this funfetti yarn from Hobby Lobby! It’s like the cake and just as soft and fluffy! I will be using it a lot more of it every chance I get.

When He Sleeps

 Basic beanie cap with coconut button made by me

I’m not entirely sure how to share with you the thoughts I have when I am cycling through the mess I do but I figure I’ll share some of the little projects and my own thoughts as well. Kinda free form poetry style. Which technically it might not even be since I haven’t taken a poetry class since high school. But the feelings are true enough even if the delivery is not.

It’s only when he sleeps
When the restlessness of his nature
Falls quiet and I feel the heaviness
Of his consciousness give way
Under the pressure of sheer exhaustion.
The stillness is almost eerie in the dark
As I watch shadows make monsters on the walls
And the hum of the humidifier roars,
a hungry vacuum in space.
He holds my arm steadfast,
a vise between arms and legs.
A quiet, relentless wish for me not to go.

I pull gently and the arm slips free,
Heat embedded deeply seeps
from the skin of my shoulder.
My duty is done and the curtain falls
on final act of the day’s motherhood.
Guilt whispers thickly in my ear
as the weight of my own distress
blooms heavily in tight space
around my heart.

It’s in these small moments
Before my own inevitable fatigue
Draws me to a close
That I allow the shroud of normalcy to fail.
I am fragile with emotional immaturity.
No better than a child myself.
Who am I to mother and comfort?
Who I am at all?

WTF Yarn?! Why you gotta be rude?

 Ok. Seriously. All I want to do is make a HDC hat. That’s all! And it’s taking for fucking ever cause this yarn! This yarn splits on every single stitch! Sure it’s softer yarn but it’s not sock yarn for crying out loud! Why?! WHY?!

Worst part? I took off the paper and I can’t remember what kind it is so I can never buy it again! Damn it all to hell!


  My son is burdened with glorious purpose and pint sized badassery! Admittedly I made this as much for myself as I did for him as I’m a huge Loki fan.   Super pleased with outcome especially since I had to wing the pattern pretty much from start to finish. I had a free pattern to start with and but it looked like more of a Viking hat than Loki’s helmet. So I did the hat, added the wrapped ear flaps, and a tasteful edging. But the horns! My god the horns! No one makes horns long enough to be Loki’s! Nubs do not a Loki hat make! They need be longer! And I’ve never done them before so I added a few inches to another pattern I integrated. Wish they curled more but after 3 tries I called it good enough.   I will have to go through and piece together my Frankenstein pattern and make it whole so I can pull this off again. Maybe even better next time. With longer, curvier horns!

Back in Action, Bitches!!!

  The dry spell has broken and my crochet hook is flying once again! Can I get a what what?!

And what better way to “hop” back into action than with a baby frog hat? See what I did there? Hop…frog…no? Too soon?

The overly enthusiastic kitty model model shown above was kind enough to allow me one snap shot before he ran off. What you see here is a 0-3 month pattern. I showed it to my mother and she said the hat was too small. Nope. My cat is that big. F-ing huge furry butt.

So yay for frog hats! Feels good to be back!