Happy Post-Halloween Postings


I hope everyone had a safe and awesome Halloween time! So as you know, I took on the small project of crocheting my son a super hero cape so he can be Batman for Halloween. I was so proud. This is what my son would have looked like if he had been Batman. Of course he would have had on more black…or at least very very dark grey.

But no. He went as Spider-Man at the last minute. My crafting heart is broken. He just tossed aside that which I have slaved over for many days and nights for a flimsy bodysuit. Alas, poor Yorick! Alas, poor me!

Oh well. Time to tackle more projects. The holidays are just getting started!

Mmm…Candy I have!


Halloween was a good time at our house! My son mysteriously turned into a ninja turtle as the sun went down (genetics or gypsy curse. We don’t yet know) and mustered up the courage to say Trick or Treat this year! Yay!

And I hung my plaque in the craft pumpkin hall of awesomeness with my contribution to the season! YODA! Look into his eyes and tell him he isn’t amazingly cool. I dare you!

More Spooky Inspiration!


Fantastic! The old brain in a jar routine! A Halloween necessity!

Of course when I see something like this I am reminded of Young Frankenstein, possibly one the best Halloween movies ever. Gather round children, if you don’t know the tale for one the best scenes of this ghoulish laugh fest!

These Halloween Finger Puppets Really NAILED it!


Get it?! Nailed?! Finger puppet? Finger…nail…? No? No? Too soon?

Moving on!

These are massively cute and what with kids today and their iPagers and hot rods (that’s what the kids are into these days, right?) a little old fashioned imagination is just what the doctor ordered.

This is a free pattern on iVillage UK. Go forth and claim your copy now!

Spooky Knits!


Ahhhh….Fall. The weather cools, leaves change, and we get ready for a fun filled holiday season. Starting with Halloween!

I found this pic surfing around and laughed out loud! Ewww! I never did frog dissection in high school! Instead we excavated owl pellets and I found a whole mouse skeleton in mine but I feel like I still missed out a bit…anyway! Halloween!

Stuff has been the stores for weeks! It’s all fake blood and fog machines as always so when I see something new or at least home made I get inspired. I’ll be posting a few ideas and projects throughout the month periodically get the ol’ juices flowing. If you have some, share away too!