Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder


Cruising through Tumblr this week I came across this and did a triple spit take. Ummm….did a guy seriously just knit himself a pair assless jeans and selfie that noise for all to see???

No. No. Thank God. This was the full picture.


Ah! Much better! And cute slippers! I can’t get the butt out of my head now though. Can you?

Seven Kinds of Wrong Right Here…


Came across this while looking for new patterns to try and I’m praying it’s a joke. I know the economy sucks but this can’t be the option we’re down to, right? I would sell myself on the corner 4 nights a week before I let my finances get me to the point I’m crocheting and using my own toilet paper.

Standards, people! Standards.

More Spooky Inspiration!


Fantastic! The old brain in a jar routine! A Halloween necessity!

Of course when I see something like this I am reminded of Young Frankenstein, possibly one the best Halloween movies ever. Gather round children, if you don’t know the tale for one the best scenes of this ghoulish laugh fest!

Spooky Knits!


Ahhhh….Fall. The weather cools, leaves change, and we get ready for a fun filled holiday season. Starting with Halloween!

I found this pic surfing around and laughed out loud! Ewww! I never did frog dissection in high school! Instead we excavated owl pellets and I found a whole mouse skeleton in mine but I feel like I still missed out a bit…anyway! Halloween!

Stuff has been the stores for weeks! It’s all fake blood and fog machines as always so when I see something new or at least home made I get inspired. I’ll be posting a few ideas and projects throughout the month periodically get the ol’ juices flowing. If you have some, share away too!