You had one job…

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.17.49 PM.pngI saw this while chillin’ on Pinterest and I thought “What a true and clever t-shirt! I’ma buy one!” It wasn’t until I went to check out, all set to pay a reasonable $21.95 on that it hits me in the face. The shirt that hails to the awesomeness that is crochet portrays a set of knitting needles!!!! EPIC FAIL! I had to laugh and did I ever! I’ll be saving my money on this one for now, thank you.

Side note: #awesomeness


This has zippo to do with crochet or knitting but had to share. So I’ve been going through massive issues which crochet helps with but this new lanyard for work doesn’t hurt either!

Waffle House! Ha! ‘Member that? That place was epic! Has nothing to do with my actual job and bonus: it keeps walmart shoppers from repeatedly asking if I work there when I run errands on my lunch break!