When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Unicorn Hats



This past week has been beyond rough. Nothing a little medication can’t fix, hopefully. I have been trying to be optimistic but more than being Mrs. Mary Sunshine I have tried to keep myself occupied. Hence the mystic beauty you see before you!

Repeat Crafter Me has had this up on their site for ages and I have lusted after it, thinking I was too green to pull it off. Well, shut my mouth wide open! Ain’t that the darnedest thing! I CAN do it after all.

And check out the colors! Aren’t they lovely? Lovely I say! Just the mane left to finish and it’s golden. Victory is sweet.

Dinosaurs DO Exist!


Ok guys. I’m gonna level with ya. Aside from feeling like patient zero of the zombie apocalypse (ie: cold from hell), I’m in a bit of a downward swing. Depression is cruel mistress and she has me in her bony clutches. It has been rough wanting to do much of anything but I am forcing myself to do this.

I’m crocheting my son a dinosaur hat.

My first larger crochet project. Not so big I won’t finish it and the excited look in my son’s eye when he sees the progress keeps me going.

“Mom. You making that?” He says with chubby finger pointing at the pattern.


“For me?”


“Thank you, mom!” He squeals followed by a giant spaghetti sauce soaked kiss to my cheek.

Love that kid. And look! I did an ear flap!


The darker green piece in the last pic was for the muzzle. See? This is what it will look like (hopefully) when all is said and done. The colors are not exact but…


If you wanna take a crack at it or squirrel the pattern away for another day, check it on yarnspirations.com.

Bad Hair Day? Thang of the Past!


I’d be tempted to sport this in the dead of Summer. In Arizona. At the beach…wait…

Hallowig courtesy of Knitty.com. Your niftiness is to be commended, Madam.

Make this in red and you could go as LeeLoo from Fifth Element to your next Halloween party. Multipass!



The saddest cat to ever love knitting


Well looks like I won’t be using my yamaka to hold my keys after all. Our cat, The Professor, has taken it as his own kitty pillow upon which he ponders the mysteries of the universe. Or just as a prop to look pathetic and beg for chicken, tuna, or whatever the hell is in the can I’m opening. It’s just oranges you freak! Go away!