Boyfriend Sweater for the Puppies


Show your favorite fuzzy face some love with this knitted boyfriend sweater! Awwww! Puppy!



Bias Striped Scarf

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.33.18 PM.png

Lookit! So pretty and dainty! I love patterns like this. The original picture I saw of this one had the scarf in a magenta but I like the silver far better. Or maybe in a sky blue?

What Does the Fox Say?


I don’t know what he says but it doesn’t matter when you’re this cute!!!

This pattern is free from so grab a copy and get to making awesomeness!

And hey! If you have a pattern for an adorable hound dog, you could totally reenact some Disney magic!

Happy Friday Everyone!

These Halloween Finger Puppets Really NAILED it!


Get it?! Nailed?! Finger puppet? Finger…nail…? No? No? Too soon?

Moving on!

These are massively cute and what with kids today and their iPagers and hot rods (that’s what the kids are into these days, right?) a little old fashioned imagination is just what the doctor ordered.

This is a free pattern on iVillage UK. Go forth and claim your copy now!