Kindle and iPad Cover

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.49.17 PM.png

The thing with iPad covers and the like is that they are usually kinda boring. There’s no pizazz, people! But I saw this and it definitely has a charm to it that I have not seen elsewhere. It’s crocheted and the pattern includes a smaller cover with a tulip motif for added fun and beauty! Joy!

3D petal Granny Square

I am addicted to the Repeat Crafter Me blog! A lot of the hats I first learned to crochet with came from there and now I think granny squares will my next venture! Beautiful colors and 3D petals! Jazzy!

Yoga Socks?

Screen Shot

Yoga socks? Really? I guess they are kinda like bottomless sandals, more decoration than anything. I’m no yoga expert but yarn tends to be soft and slippery sometimes and when you are trying to pull a Downward Facing Dog or whatever, your bare feet are helpful in keep your grip and stance. These seem like they would cause more harm than good in a yoga class but I could be completely wrong. They are cute nonetheless and there is a free pattern! Namaste!

Holiday Honey-do. Candy corn: Part One


My son is starting to get as excited by crochet as I do but only because he knows he gets stuff. At first he was just the smallest head in the house to try my projects on. Now he’s placing orders with his own agenda in mind.

Iron Man amigurumi. Batman capes. And now…toy candy corn. Good lord. I know it seems easy to most but let’s not forget I’m a newbie here.

God bless! This is the cutest little candy corn fella I have ever seen! Hopefully I will have it finished before Halloween has come and gone.