Ripe for the Picking!


Holy crow! I saw this and I almost peed myself. I thought it was beaded at first but no…no my dulcet darlings. It is crocheted!

How in the name of hooking does someone pull that off???

And clearly it’s small, its got a brooch pin seen to the back. Something of this beauty needs to be in a museum of contemporary art, not bouncing about on the bosom of some stranger.

Stuffed Animals On Steroids!

big cat

There are stuffed animals and then there are stuffed frikkin animals.

Here I am struggling to finish a chicken hat for my son and then this lady comes along and punches me right in the face with her ingenuity.

Can you imagine trying to count rows on something like that? And it’s not just ginormous jungle cats. Oh no. That’s only the beginning.


That right there, my friends, is a life sized bear. Look at the detail! It’s extraordinary!

It’s like this woman is a crochet DJ taking requests from National Geographic. You want a warthog with Disney-esque charisma?


Here’s Pumba for you in the crocheted flesh. You’re welcome says the DJ. Amazing.

Knitting Is An Enlightening Experience!


Woke up with my phone plastered to the side of my face and this awesomeness staring back at me. Must have stumbled upon it in my fever haze.

Have you ever knitted electrical wire? Well neither has Sebastian Errazuriz but this artist found himself an old lady and made this happen! Good for them both.

“Granny Lamp” was dedicated the artist’s grandma. Awwww!

Gi-frikkin-normous Knits!


This is the Yang to the Yin of tiny knitting! (That’s right. I flipped it. They’re just words and they don’t rule us. Not anymore.)

Dutch artist, Christien Meindertsma, is not only a lovely woman but one who does her knitting with needles the size pool cues!!!

Her work is giving a new light to knitting the world over. Look at this! Tis nifty, no?


If you’re hesitant to give this a shot try drinking before hand. Whenever I pick a pool cue that seems to help me, the same rule might apply here.