Inspiration: Shein Loose fit sweater

crochet sweater.jpeg

sweater shoulder.jpeg

Shopping around I found this sweater and a fine use crochet indeed! There’s no pattern or anything. I just thought it was lovely inspiration for how you might fit your own work into everyday items. But if you want to check out this sweater for yourself, visit the Shein website. It has a bit of romance in it, does it not?


Knitting on Your Mind?


Were knitting a royal court to preside over, I could totally see the queen rocking this wig. Hell, I’d do it now if I thought I could get away with it. I’d probably be arrested for assault with a deadly weapon when I accidentally poke someone in the eye while getting off the bus but hey…you’ll do anything for fashion.

Momma’s Gotta Brand New Bag!


With the weather starting to warm up I’m left feeling a bit down hearted. No cold. No snow. No more crocheting, right?

Who wears beanies and scarfs in May besides homeless people in late 70’s TV cop dramas? NO ONE!

So I’m on a mission to find stuff to keep the creative juices flowing even in the dead of Summer! I’ll knit on the beach while sucking down a margarita and be glad of it!

Starting with something like this! A purse! Simple, chic, and incredibly gifting worthy. But make one for yourself first. You’ve earned it.

Everything is Better in Soft Focus


I love a good old fashioned chunky sweater as much as the next person. But with warmer weather approaching you’ll need something a little less Eskimo and a whole lotta cute.

Perfect for layering, this Lion Brand soft focus v-neck is unique and very Boho. Also the pattern is free!

Mini Dress, Maximum Awesome!


Beautiful! And the girl ain’t bad either!

Lecrochetart on Etsy is rocking this mini dress and more on their shop. $510 seems totally reasonable considering yours would made to order in silk if you choose and in 30 days.

How does one accomplish this in 30 days?! I envision a selling of one’s soul or another x-men origin story in here somewhere.

I Ain’t Sayin’ I’m a Gold Digger But…


I love a good purse as much as the next gal but my reality looks a lot more like Roseanne than Sex and the City. If you ever see me buying anything Dolce & Gabbana it’s cause I’ve recently acquired a sugar daddy or a tragic accident kicked my husband’s insurance money into gear. In case you’re wondering, the latter is FAR more likely as again…I’m Roseanne.

So when I saw these, I had to laugh. And then I kinda wanted one.


There are ladies out there challenging themselves to crochet counterfeit versions of their favorite design handbags. Pretty frikkin cool. Some have more success than others. Like with this white Dior bag. It totally stands on its own. It super cute and I would totally rock it. Or even this…


Cool, right? If I ever get more skill at freeforming crochet, I’ll take a whack at one. But I would felt mine to see if I could get a more smooth appearance. First yarn bombing and now this! Label bombing! I wonder what else could be counterfeited while still remaining nifty?

Knitting Meets High Fashion!


Take your old lady knitting jokes, bake them into a humble pie and get to munching! Knitting has hit the high brow fashion scene! The site this was on is in Russian (I think) so I couldn’t get details on what was going on but the designs were lovely.

Ok. Back up. The yellow one was lovely. The others are…well…let’s just say I don’t appreciate them as much. Take out the the distressed, famished face of the model and I could see a chick rocking this look! I want one. In white though. So cool!