Bird is the Word


Despite the news and the so called “snow storms” in the eastern states, Spring is coming. Oh yes. It is coming, my friends. And I can’t think of a better way to welcome its warmth and high pollen counts than by making your own bird houses!

Ok, these are more huts than houses but do our feathered friends really use the elaborate multi-story pads we offer them from Bed Bath & Beyond?

No! These are birds, damn it! They’re wild and untamed beasts of the sky! They don’t want highly polished mahogany floors! They want string, mud, and hemp!

Oh right. These houses are made of hemp. I found the pattern on Etsy. You more conservative crafters can use twine. Either way you get a nice earthy look that will have the birds flocking to your home every year. And if you want to get fancy try pulling this off.


I can’t find a pattern for this one but I sure would like to.