Well Lasso Me with Truth and Cuteness!

Saw this while cruising Instagram and I had could hardly hold back the squee of joy! Offdhookcreations┬ámakes a bunch of afrocentric and super hero dolls for girls of color! Anyone can enjoy them really but it was first time I’ve seen anything quite like this and I would have loved a black Wonder Woman doll when I was a wee geek girl.

Mad props to you Offdhook!

Love…Exciting and New!


Perhaps one of the greatest if not morbid love stories of all time! Romeo & Juliet! Those crazy Italian love birds and their drama never gets old and SimplyKnitting.com pays awesome tribute to their glory.

Say it with me now…AWWWW!

Look at them. Skillfully made, the faces of these star crossed lovers are somewhat sullen. They know what’s going to happen and yet they trudge on toward their impending doom. Hand in hand, they face eternity together! Oh death! Where is thy sting!

Happy Heart Day, Everyone!

More Crafty Fair Fare!


As I was saying, there was some seriously cool craftiness at the fair. Case in point: see above. The owls in the lower right were so cute!


I love the colors of this one. Reminds me of strawberry pie or carnations.


I haven’t seen the rosettes in this one before. Very Springy!


Laaaaaasssssie! That was just crazy to take on.



I think my mom has the pattern for the yellow slippers here. I swear my son had these when he was born.


Cabbage Patch or Precious Moments? Either way it’s kinda cute.



These make me want to enter something next year! I could totally do a project worthy of a state fair. What are the prizes I wonder…other than bragging rights and state wide domination…