Get a Grip, People!


The main reason I haven’t made slippers for myself is because I didn’t want to die chasing my son across our tile floor. Who wants that crap on tombstone? So this made me very happy and I’m sure it can be applied to knitted ones too!

Thank you KT and the Squid! Now when I die it can be for a far cooler reason like saving a bunch of puppies from a fire or succumbing to the running bulls in Spain.

I Ain’t Sayin’ I’m a Gold Digger But…


I love a good purse as much as the next gal but my reality looks a lot more like Roseanne than Sex and the City. If you ever see me buying anything Dolce & Gabbana it’s cause I’ve recently acquired a sugar daddy or a tragic accident kicked my husband’s insurance money into gear. In case you’re wondering, the latter is FAR more likely as again…I’m Roseanne.

So when I saw these, I had to laugh. And then I kinda wanted one.


There are ladies out there challenging themselves to crochet counterfeit versions of their favorite design handbags. Pretty frikkin cool. Some have more success than others. Like with this white Dior bag. It totally stands on its own. It super cute and I would totally rock it. Or even this…


Cool, right? If I ever get more skill at freeforming crochet, I’ll take a whack at one. But I would felt mine to see if I could get a more smooth appearance. First yarn bombing and now this! Label bombing! I wonder what else could be counterfeited while still remaining nifty?

Deck the Halls with Balls of Yarn…Balls!



I’m sure everyone has seen these at this point but I think they are the best idea ever! My favorite is the 2nd one. What a great way to use left over yarn for the festivities of the holidays!

But if you’re not a fan of fluffy balls (my inner 7 yr old is giggling like a maniac) then take a look at these!



Sophisticated and the possibilities are endless. Fabulous! Either way your home looks great and everyone on your block will envy the crafty genius you are.