Spare No Expense!


I very seldom have a sense of accomplishment this strong so I have share this with everyone! I finished the dinosaur hat! Were you here, you would be gazing at my incredibly smug face right now.


Isn’t he cute? The pattern calls for the eyes to be crocheted but when I was stitching them I thought it was making Dino look more like Kermit so I went for buttons. I’ve always loved button eyes on plushies anyway. Best part? My son loves it! He’s trotting around the house wearing it and I love I made something he enjoys so much.

When I stopped marveling at my own magnificence for a few seconds, I called up John Hammond from Jurassic Park and told him to move over and I’ll take the dinosaur creating from here. He was all indignant.


Thank you Jeff and suck on that John! Booyah!

Dinosaurs DO Exist!


Ok guys. I’m gonna level with ya. Aside from feeling like patient zero of the zombie apocalypse (ie: cold from hell), I’m in a bit of a downward swing. Depression is cruel mistress and she has me in her bony clutches. It has been rough wanting to do much of anything but I am forcing myself to do this.

I’m crocheting my son a dinosaur hat.

My first larger crochet project. Not so big I won’t finish it and the excited look in my son’s eye when he sees the progress keeps me going.

“Mom. You making that?” He says with chubby finger pointing at the pattern.


“For me?”


“Thank you, mom!” He squeals followed by a giant spaghetti sauce soaked kiss to my cheek.

Love that kid. And look! I did an ear flap!


The darker green piece in the last pic was for the muzzle. See? This is what it will look like (hopefully) when all is said and done. The colors are not exact but…


If you wanna take a crack at it or squirrel the pattern away for another day, check it on