Lay Your Head On My Pillow


I’m all for turning over a new leaf and updating home decor with the seasons but why in the name of all that’s holy do you have to go bankrupt doing it? Have you been in Crate and Barrel recently? I saw a “decorative pillow” in there that cost $103! WTF? It’s a pillow! Unless it’s filled with Ryan Gosling’s eyelashes, I’m not buying it.

Want a reasonable and way more awesome option to buying over priced doodads made in China? Make your friggin own!

I love this pattern! ¬†Choose any color you need or want to match your home. It’s classic, stylish and just think how much you’ll save on covering the spaghetti stains on your current pillows rather than trying yo replace them! Genius!

Spooky Knits!


Ahhhh….Fall. The weather cools, leaves change, and we get ready for a fun filled holiday season. Starting with Halloween!

I found this pic surfing around and laughed out loud! Ewww! I never did frog dissection in high school! Instead we excavated owl pellets and I found a whole mouse skeleton in mine but I feel like I still missed out a bit…anyway! Halloween!

Stuff has been the stores for weeks! It’s all fake blood and fog machines as always so when I see something new or at least home made I get inspired. I’ll be posting a few ideas and projects throughout the month periodically get the ol’ juices flowing. If you have some, share away too!