Kevin Photo Bomb


There he is, my dear sweet rescue kitty photobombing the shit out of what was supposed to be a nice pic of the hat I finished a week ago. Ahhh…lookit that face! I can’t be mad at him! The fuzzy wuzzy baby head! But seriously, here’s the hat I finished.

I love this funfetti yarn from Hobby Lobby! It’s like the cake and just as soft and fluffy! I will be using it a lot more of it every chance I get.

Kawaii Extreme!!!!

I have seen Pokemon patterns and I’ve seen Pokeball patterns but NEVER have I have seen them combined as one the way Anime Gods intended!

I have been tempted to try amigurumi but now I am compelled! Saw this on another blog post and had to reshare. 

Free pattern found here and bless their hearts for making it available. 

Well Lasso Me with Truth and Cuteness!

Saw this while cruising Instagram and I had could hardly hold back the squee of joy! Offdhookcreations makes a bunch of afrocentric and super hero dolls for girls of color! Anyone can enjoy them really but it was first time I’ve seen anything quite like this and I would have loved a black Wonder Woman doll when I was a wee geek girl.

Mad props to you Offdhook!

I can Bear-ly Contain Myself!

    My 2nd attempt working chunky yarn and I think it came out ok. Found the pattern for this newborn hat on Hopefully Honey which is also where I also found the frog one I did a short while ago. I love the styles from this site. Very unique and a fun uses of chunky yarns which I am developing a new love for. 

So soft and cuddly! I may have done it wrong but I feel like with the muzzle and nose on this one that it’s a bit front heavy for a newborn and I don’t have any babies to test the theory. If anyone makes this and has access to wee kiddos, let me know how it works out! They have enough balance issues as it is without adding heavy but adorable head gear. 

Back in Action, Bitches!!!

  The dry spell has broken and my crochet hook is flying once again! Can I get a what what?!

And what better way to “hop” back into action than with a baby frog hat? See what I did there? Hop…frog…no? Too soon?

The overly enthusiastic kitty model model shown above was kind enough to allow me one snap shot before he ran off. What you see here is a 0-3 month pattern. I showed it to my mother and she said the hat was too small. Nope. My cat is that big. F-ing huge furry butt.

So yay for frog hats! Feels good to be back!