Where’s my magnifying glass?


Oh for the love of Pete! Now people are just being cheeky! Sneeze and you’d lose the damn thing. Micro mini Guinea pigs…crying out loud. The URL is bigger than the stuffed animal! 


Cottage Messenger Bag!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.00.26 PM

I don’t know the skill level it takes to complete this pattern but you have to admit, it’s pretty darn nifty! And if one were so inclined to give it a go, it’s nice to know the pattern has pictures to help you along the way. So thoughtful!


Kevin Photo Bomb


There he is, my dear sweet rescue kitty photobombing the shit out of what was supposed to be a nice pic of the hat I finished a week ago. Ahhh…lookit that face! I can’t be mad at him! The fuzzy wuzzy baby head! But seriously, here’s the hat I finished.

I love this funfetti yarn from Hobby Lobby! It’s like the cake and just as soft and fluffy! I will be using it a lot more of it every chance I get.