Kitty Beanie! 

If your cat will let you do this, then you have to make it and send me the picture because every time I see a cat in a hat I go absolutely bonkers! So damn cute!

The pattern does not include the pom pom but there’s plenty of instructions on how to make those out there so rock on!

Tiny stag party!

I am mesmerized by folks that can micro-crochet. I ran across this amazing blog posting from¬† And there’s more! So much more! Octopus, dragons, grizzly bears!!! And this stag which is my personal favorite measuring in at only 2.5 cm. That’s just insanely tiny.

Check it out when you have a second. So much fun!

Dave the Worm for Parkinson’s

Now this may just be the cutest way to combine crafts and charity I’ve seen. The gist is that you buy a kit that contains enough materials to make 2 Dave the Worms and the proceeds go to helping Parkinson’s research in the UK. Make yours, post a pic on your page, show your support for the research. Awesome Blossom! We should be doing stuff like this the U.S. too!

Where’s my magnifying glass?


Oh for the love of Pete! Now people are just being cheeky! Sneeze and you’d lose the damn thing. Micro mini Guinea pigs…crying out loud. The URL is bigger than the stuffed animal!

Cottage Messenger Bag!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.00.26 PM

I don’t know the skill level it takes to complete this pattern but you have to admit, it’s pretty darn nifty! And if one were so inclined to give it a go, it’s nice to know the pattern has pictures to help you along the way. So thoughtful!