Kitty Beanie! 

If your cat will let you do this, then you have to make it and send me the picture because every time I see a cat in a hat I go absolutely bonkers! So damn cute!

The pattern does not include the pom pom but there’s plenty of instructions on how to make those out there so rock on!

Kevin Photo Bomb


There he is, my dear sweet rescue kitty photobombing the shit out of what was supposed to be a nice pic of the hat I finished a week ago. Ahhh…lookit that face! I can’t be mad at him! The fuzzy wuzzy baby head! But seriously, here’s the hat I finished.

I love this funfetti yarn from Hobby Lobby! It’s like the cake and just as soft and fluffy! I will be using it a lot more of it every chance I get.

WTF Yarn?! Why you gotta be rude?

 Ok. Seriously. All I want to do is make a HDC hat. That’s all! And it’s taking for fucking ever cause this yarn! This yarn splits on every single stitch! Sure it’s softer yarn but it’s not sock yarn for crying out loud! Why?! WHY?!

Worst part? I took off the paper and I can’t remember what kind it is so I can never buy it again! Damn it all to hell!