Yay! Santa!


Ok. Not Santa. Better than Santa. ‘Twas my momma! She’s always gifting me crochet/knitting goodness and this Christmas was no exception! Check out my new beauties! 


They are almost too pretty to use but I love them!


You do run into the problem sometimes of things bring beautiful but not functional. I can’t wait to try them out! 

Ravelry Totes Rock!


If you are like me you are addicted to Ravelry. If you aren’t you may want to seriously rethink what you are doing with your life. Patterns from so many talented people! Beautiful shrugs! Silly hats! Inspirational afghans! All of it in one place and free to join to boot. And now they have their own swag! Joy of all joys! I love this tote! $18 makes great gift to yourself or others. I think I’m going to be greedy on this one though. It’s mine, all mine!


No Longer a Slave to Stitch Markers!!!



Suck on that traditional stitch markers who have no openings! Why don’t they have openings?! How in the name of crafting are you supposed to to get them off?!

I never understood this and thought there had to be another way. Then Pinterest showed me the light. Make your own with earring closures! It’s so obvious I could punch myself in the face.


Lever back earring clasps. Jazz them up with a charm and you have an easy, inexpensive solution. I bought these at Micheals for just a few bucks. No sticking to yarn, easy to attach even easier to remove. My life just got a little easier. And I freaking love it!

Ripe for the Picking!


Holy crow! I saw this and I almost peed myself. I thought it was beaded at first but no…no my dulcet darlings. It is crocheted!

How in the name of hooking does someone pull that off???

And clearly it’s small, its got a brooch pin seen to the back. Something of this beauty needs to be in a museum of contemporary art, not bouncing about on the bosom of some stranger.