A Little Love Goes a Long Way



Here is the crocheted hat I made for my friend’s momma who has cancer. I didn’t want to post it in case she saw the blog.

I this was what I needed. An easy, free hat pattern cause…I’ll be honest. I hadn’t hooked in long time before this.

My biggest gripe is the variegated yarn I used. Cause I’m a goob I thought the color flow would turn similar to the one from yarnspirations.


Not. At. All. I liked the colors I used cause they’re fall and looked good in the yarn ball. I do love the reverse single crochet around the edges. Never did the before. Well it was made with love and she got it yesterday! Says she loves it. I hope she really does.

Good Chemo Caps are Hard to Find


A dear friend of mine just found out her mother has cancer and is starting chemo and radiation. So I’m making her a chemo cap. I finished one already but it’s not quite what I want for her. She’s a fine woman and deserves a beautiful hat. Why do so many chemo caps lack beauty?!

It’s bad enough you’re fighting for your life but you have to wear an ugly hat too? Insult to injury.

And then I found this one. Elegant and simple. Perfect! Free pattern to boot. I’m still sending her the first I made because she was on my heart when I did it but this one will soon follow.