Dave the Worm for Parkinson’s

Now this may just be the cutest way to combine crafts and charity I’ve seen. The gist is that you buy a kit that contains enough materials to make 2 Dave the Worms and the proceeds go to helping Parkinson’s research in the UK. Make yours, post a pic on your page, show your support for the research. Awesome Blossom! We should be doing stuff like this the U.S. too!


Back in time for the Holidays!

Happy Holidays All!

I hope the stress of the holidays hasn’t bogged ya’ll down. I thought I would be having a worse time myself but the ironic thing is that I have been on the way to feeling sooooo much better! For reals though. So much better.

It took awhile for me to feel up to hookin’ but I am definitely tired of being benched so I’m trying to find the perfect pattern to get me going again.

So far I have made 4 baby Princess Leia hats for folks and actually sold some of them. (What, what?!) But other than that I have not had a lot of luck selling my wares. So I have tons of hats just sitting around and collecting dust. It’s a shame really. I’ve taken to just giving them away. My mom has been giving some flak about it but I don’t really care as long as someone enjoys them.

So that lead me to think. Are there charities I could donate to? I went looking and there really isn’t! What the hell?! Why would homeless shelters or children’s foundations not want warm and fun winter hats? All they want is money or furniture. So if anyone knows of a legitimate charity who accepts handmade items, please let me know!

My Etsy shop is Open!

I know I put the widget in my sidebar some time ago but shit got unexpectedly real with my health and I wasn’t able to give it the attention I wanted.

So! I’m still not squared away health wise, but my medical professionals say that I should try focusing some energy into a positive outlet like volunteering while we straighten me out. Well, I’m in no place to get crazy with Habitat for Humanity BUT there is something I can do though I don’t know how well it will go over.

I am a total knitting neurotic (well, more crochet now than knitting). And there’s an ugly stigma  associated with mental illness and I’ll be damned if I give into it and I’ll be double damned if I let my own doubt and insecurities stop me from turning this hot mess into something positive. So going forward, I think I can do better than just hooking for stress relief, I can hook and have it mean something. So I opened an Etsy shop, Hookland.


I’m not expecting a whole lot here but 30% of anything I sell will be donated to organizations like the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) that are designed to help people like me when they are at their worse. They provide referral sources to helpful services, train people to help in crisis/suicide situations, and secure meeting places for support groups.

This is personal for me. I’d like to think I can contribute in some small way and if you are at all interested and enchanted by any of the hats I have listed please know that it is helping make a difference.

*** I make hats BTW. Almost purely hats for children and babies. It’s what I like best but that doesn’t mean there won’t be other fancies up on the occasion.

Thanks guys and much love! 

Yarn Bombing Powers Used for Good


Yarn bombing. Will you use your powers for good or for AWESOME?

A new campaign by the staff of NHS Blood and Transplant in England will feature a series fantastic yarn bombs to remind people that donations save lives. This one has over 8 thousands drops to signify that blood doesn’t grow on trees.

Now is that cool or what?