Pretty Kitty Cat Hat

Sweetest kitty hat ever! The site only offers it in one size (6 months) but I think the deal is you can buy the pattern for others. Super cute! I might be able to make this in crochet if I try hard enough.

Kevin Photo Bomb


There he is, my dear sweet rescue kitty photobombing the shit out of what was supposed to be a nice pic of the hat I finished a week ago. Ahhh…lookit that face! I can’t be mad at him! The fuzzy wuzzy baby head! But seriously, here’s the hat I finished.

I love this funfetti yarn from Hobby Lobby! It’s like the cake and just as soft and fluffy! I will be using it a lot more of it every chance I get.

The saddest cat to ever love knitting


Well looks like I won’t be using my yamaka to hold my keys after all. Our cat, The Professor, has taken it as his own kitty pillow upon which he ponders the mysteries of the universe. Or just as a prop to look pathetic and beg for chicken, tuna, or whatever the hell is in the can I’m opening. It’s just oranges you freak! Go away!