My inner geek just exploded in on itself! How do people block this stuff out?! There must be a program or some sort of devil magic that makes this possible and I’m going to learn it’s secrets. In the mean time, I’m buying the pattern from Craftsy for $6. Totally worth it!

More Crafty Fair Fare!


As I was saying, there was some seriously cool craftiness at the fair. Case in point: see above. The owls in the lower right were so cute!


I love the colors of this one. Reminds me of strawberry pie or carnations.


I haven’t seen the rosettes in this one before. Very Springy!


Laaaaaasssssie! That was just crazy to take on.



I think my mom has the pattern for the yellow slippers here. I swear my son had these when he was born.


Cabbage Patch or Precious Moments? Either way it’s kinda cute.



These make me want to enter something next year! I could totally do a project worthy of a state fair. What are the prizes I wonder…other than bragging rights and state wide domination…

The Fair is a Veritable Smorgasbord of Craftiness!


I love the state fair! Love it! The people watching, the chocolate covered deep fried bacon, the animals that aren’t chocolate covered or deep fried walking around in the petting zoo…everything!

Know what else they have at the state fair? Crafts! Quilting, table seating, and art! That has always been one of my favorites parts even before I started knitting. But I’ve also always wondered who judges these things? The entries I thought showed the most effort and talent only got 2nd place or honorable mention. Is it rigged like the Academy Awards or presidential elections??? Everything I know is a lie! Soylent Green is people!

I was up late with my itchy asthmatic kiddo. I might be losing it a bit right now…but the stitches are lovely, no? I’ll post the rest when I get home tonight.