Damn Circular Needles!


I don’t know how I did it but I got confused on circular needles. I think I started knitting from a wrong side or something. It was joined on the wrong side and somehow started going all stockinette on me.

I had rip out several rows but I’m finally back on track. Got the increasing down and I’m almost to the sleeves. I wanted to be so much further along but at least it looks nice so far. I did screw up an edge when I added a stitch somewhere back there too. It wasn’t smooth like the rest but kind if a knob. It’s so maddening! It’s hard to pick out now but I KNOW it’s there. Lurking.


I need to get moving on this. I wanna make more hats and gloves and FELTING! I wanna felt! Saw a book and, color me happy, I want to try it. It takes wool and a washing machine and you’re in! I have both! Not wool…yet…but I will.

I will! Muwahahahahaha!