From a craft room far, far away

ARGH! This is the 3rd attempt with a Princess Leia hat which appears easy enough but there are a few things that came up I have to grouse about.

The buns. The damn dirty buns.

First, it takes forever to get the thickness of yarn you need to make the braids stand out enough. I finally worked out a system that doesn’t take too long to get the length and amount I need (PS: It takes a LOT of yarn) but how do you keep them together without tying huge, ugly, giant knots in the end???

The solution was sooooo f-ing obvious. No knots required. Just tie the same colored string around the end and add a dot of Elmers Super Hold Glue so it hold steady. NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS ONLINE THOUGH! NO ONE!

Seriously could have saved myself massive tears on that fiasco. Nut hey, I did it with no pattern. Just winging it off pics I’ve seen. Truthfully you don’t really need a pattern. It’s a beanie with buns…but the buns…that’s where they get ya.


I can Bear-ly Contain Myself!

    My 2nd attempt working chunky yarn and I think it came out ok. Found the pattern for this newborn hat on Hopefully Honey which is also where I also found the frog one I did a short while ago. I love the styles from this site. Very unique and a fun uses of chunky yarns which I am developing a new love for. 

So soft and cuddly! I may have done it wrong but I feel like with the muzzle and nose on this one that it’s a bit front heavy for a newborn and I don’t have any babies to test the theory. If anyone makes this and has access to wee kiddos, let me know how it works out! They have enough balance issues as it is without adding heavy but adorable head gear. 

Back in Action, Bitches!!!

  The dry spell has broken and my crochet hook is flying once again! Can I get a what what?!

And what better way to “hop” back into action than with a baby frog hat? See what I did there? Hop…frog…no? Too soon?

The overly enthusiastic kitty model model shown above was kind enough to allow me one snap shot before he ran off. What you see here is a 0-3 month pattern. I showed it to my mother and she said the hat was too small. Nope. My cat is that big. F-ing huge furry butt.

So yay for frog hats! Feels good to be back!

Behold! My Everest!

sweet baby hat  FRIENDS! I have looked out upon the internet and I have seen my future! And it is good! Yes!




You know, I’ve seen Red Heart Yarn since I was a kid but it never held any significance before today. Now it is the source of my salvation and education cause they have a mad selection of free patterns for noobs like me on their website.

I chose this one. A simple, cute, baby beanie. At least it LOOKS simple. I glanced over the pattern and it might as well be Russian cause I haven’t a clue as to what k2p2 means. There should be a dictionary out there some place on the web…