My son is burdened with glorious purpose and pint sized badassery! Admittedly I made this as much for myself as I did for him as I’m a huge Loki fan.   Super pleased with outcome especially since I had to wing the pattern pretty much from start to finish. I had a free pattern to start with and but it looked like more of a Viking hat than Loki’s helmet. So I did the hat, added the wrapped ear flaps, and a tasteful edging. But the horns! My god the horns! No one makes horns long enough to be Loki’s! Nubs do not a Loki hat make! They need be longer! And I’ve never done them before so I added a few inches to another pattern I integrated. Wish they curled more but after 3 tries I called it good enough.   I will have to go through and piece together my Frankenstein pattern and make it whole so I can pull this off again. Maybe even better next time. With longer, curvier horns!

Ripe for the Picking!


Holy crow! I saw this and I almost peed myself. I thought it was beaded at first but no…no my dulcet darlings. It is crocheted!

How in the name of hooking does someone pull that off???

And clearly it’s small, its got a brooch pin seen to the back. Something of this beauty needs to be in a museum of contemporary art, not bouncing about on the bosom of some stranger.