Sith Lords Be Knitting Up a Storm

When Darth Maul isn’t antagonizing the Jedi apparently he’s knitting sweaters! The geek in me loves these lightsabers, I mean, knitting needles. I don’t know how practical they are for the long haul but they can versatile. When you’re done with your next project you can be hit of your local rave club!

NeedleLite Lighted Knitting Needles

Can I get a “what what!”?




HA! Suck on that k2p2! You’re nothing, you hear me? NOTHING! Finally! That is the way this should be looking. Check out that ribbing…Bask in the glory of my stockinette…have you seen better knitting than this in your life? You bet your sweet fanny you have but this here is mine and by gum it is lovely.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone!