Yarn Storage on the Cheap!

Messing around on Pinterest has its benefits. I was looking for inexpensive ways to keep my yarn out of kid and kitty zone. I found these three.

1. Hanging Sweater Organizer

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 6.49.38 PM

You can get them at Walmart or Target but I found mine at the Dollar Store. Booyah!


2. Travel Cup Container

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 6.52.16 PM

Again, a dollar store find turned gold for keeping your yarn safe on the go.


3. Hanging Shoe OraginzersScreen Shot 2014-11-02 at 6.59.14 PM


Let’s not forget shoe organizers! See how lovely the colors shine through! Magic! Not sure where I will put this to use in the house yet but it’s coming, make no mistake.



Happy Post-Halloween Postings


I hope everyone had a safe and awesome Halloween time! So as you know, I took on the small project of crocheting my son a super hero cape so he can be Batman for Halloween. I was so proud. This is what my son would have looked like if he had been Batman. Of course he would have had on more black…or at least very very dark grey.

But no. He went as Spider-Man at the last minute. My crafting heart is broken. He just tossed aside that which I have slaved over for many days and nights for a flimsy bodysuit. Alas, poor Yorick! Alas, poor me!

Oh well. Time to tackle more projects. The holidays are just getting started!

No Longer a Slave to Stitch Markers!!!



Suck on that traditional stitch markers who have no openings! Why don’t they have openings?! How in the name of crafting are you supposed to to get them off?!

I never understood this and thought there had to be another way. Then Pinterest showed me the light. Make your own with earring closures! It’s so obvious I could punch myself in the face.


Lever back earring clasps. Jazz them up with a charm and you have an easy, inexpensive solution. I bought these at Micheals for just a few bucks. No sticking to yarn, easy to attach even easier to remove. My life just got a little easier. And I freaking love it!

Knitting on Your Mind?


Were knitting a royal court to preside over, I could totally see the queen rocking this wig. Hell, I’d do it now if I thought I could get away with it. I’d probably be arrested for assault with a deadly weapon when I accidentally poke someone in the eye while getting off the bus but hey…you’ll do anything for fashion.

Let it Begin…


Enough is enough. I have spent the past several months trying to stay employed, having massive anxiety issues, and doing very little that makes sense or me happy.

Time to get back to one of few things that do. I’m talking crochet, suckas! My soul cries for new projects and inspiration! I shall deliver it both!

But enough about me. How have you been? You look nice…

Who Reads Books Anymore Anyway?


In these days of Kindles and iPads, actual books are becoming a thing of the past. Makes me sad really because there is nothing like leafing through a shiny new magazine or remembering how much you loved a book because the spine was so cracked worn.

But all things change. So what in tarnation do you do with your old book cases?

If you are awesome you turn into a place to store your yarn! Get enough of these going and you’ll be looking like your favorite yarn shop in no time!