Pop Art is Not Dead!

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.25.54 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.27.08 PM

Thank you, Kate Jenkins for your awesome art that proves once again that pop art is alive and well. These crack me up. I think its the matches that I love the most. Well those and the sequinned fish. Yum.



Anyone who says that crochet is not a true art form gets five across the eyes! Jo Hamilton brings it and brings it hard. You may be able to make your grandma a hat, but can you make your grandma?


Mini Dress, Maximum Awesome!


Beautiful! And the girl ain’t bad either!

Lecrochetart on Etsy is rocking this mini dress and more on their shop. $510 seems totally reasonable considering yours would made to order in silk if you choose and in 30 days.

How does one accomplish this in 30 days?! I envision a selling of one’s soul or another x-men origin story in here somewhere.

Stuffed Animals On Steroids!

big cat

There are stuffed animals and then there are stuffed frikkin animals.

Here I am struggling to finish a chicken hat for my son and then this lady comes along and punches me right in the face with her ingenuity.

Can you imagine trying to count rows on something like that? And it’s not just ginormous jungle cats. Oh no. That’s only the beginning.


That right there, my friends, is a life sized bear. Look at the detail! It’s extraordinary!

It’s like this woman is a crochet DJ taking requests from National Geographic. You want a warthog with Disney-esque charisma?


Here’s Pumba for you in the crocheted flesh. You’re welcome says the DJ. Amazing.