Lions Brand and Michael’s: Bunch of Schiesters!

Picture 1

Remember this? Being a new knitter I was excited about this event at Michael’s. A chance to try a new product from a reputable line and learn a new way to use it. It says on the page: first 25 customers get a bonbon package. See it?! Right there!
I get there and this is what I get:


1 ball about the size of my thumb. I figured the point of giving out the package was to try them in the classes offered later. Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers but I wondered why it wasn’t what they advertised.

“Oh. You didn’t get the disclaimer email we sent?” The woman said. “The picture was misleading.”

To say the least but oh wells. I went on and did some shopping. When I was done I came back to see what’s up with the “no knit no crochet necklace”.

“Oh. ” says the woman again. “I’m only teaching the crochet scarf. Did you bring your crochet hook?”

I told her I don’t crochet and am just learning to knit. She handed me a listing of their classes. Seriously? Again the necklace was on the ad. Sigh.

I think the big disappointment was that I was hoping this would be a chance to try/learn something new in store where I spend more time and money than I should and there was nothing special about the occasion at all.

If anyone else went, I hope you had a better experience at your store than I did.