Beanie for Him

My latest project! I have seen this pattern before and I have been reluctant to try it and for good reason! 

First, you don’t work in the round. What the heck is that about?! So you start by making a scarf like piece that you decrease toward the end and sew together to make this hat. I’m just not sure about this. 

Second, I’ve already lost count of my rows. Damn it all to Hades! I thought it would be fine and simply count the rows but no! Every time I do I have the same number! How is that possible?! I know I add two rows then how do I still have eight?! It’s like some torturous magic trick. 

I also think that this is coming in too short to be for a man sized head. I think I should have upped my hook size since I tend to crochet tight. I think I’m gonna start over. This is gonna bug me. 

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